The InstaGroom Mobile Grooming Salon



  The InstaGroom van is a fully self-contained pet grooming salon

on wheels.  It contains the following:


•full sized bathtub with hot water


•hand-held air dryer - no cage dryers are used


•air conditioning and heating for a climate controlled environment


•an adjustable grooming table with safety restraints


•fully equipped with clippers, shears, combs and all the necessary grooming tools


•a clean, bright, safe, sanitary environment for the best grooming experience possible




Marie the Dog-Loving Groomer:


Grooming to me is the perfect way to induge my passion

for dogs and to mix business with pleasure, so to speak!


My husband and I have 4 dogs – until recently we had 5 but our

oldest golden retriever, Wilbur at the tender age of 11 passed

after a sudden but brief illness. Wilbur is a big part of the reason

I am such a huge dog-lover and the impetus behind me

becoming a dog groomer. While attending dog-grooming school

when he was just a young pup he would let me practice on him

for hours and was always happy to oblige my attentions! He

was the perfect dog – sweet, fun, obedient, caring, trusting, lovable – everything you want in a dog and then some.

I can’t mention his name yet without welling up – that’s how special he was and still is to us.


Still giving us so much joy is Wilbur's younger brother Russell (almost 10 so officially a senior but plays fetch like a puppy), his full brother from another litter – very similar to Wilbur in temperament and looks and another perfect golden who just loves to fetch and please you!


Just over seven years ago we added to our brood and adopted Louis an 8 week old Shepherd mix  - he loves to sleep on my feet at the end of our bed, is fiercly loyal, sheds like crazy  and loves butt rubs.


In March 2014 we adopted Marvin, a 3 month old rottweiler-shepherd mix – he is an adorable terror, beyond cute and has big, beautiful eyes that just melt your heart.


An unexpected 5th dog by the name of Dexter came along in March 2016 - a 10month old golden retriever who needed to be re-homed and find an outlet for his high energy antics - we immediately fell in love and for him the best play-date of his life has never ended.


I love being around and working with dogs and mobile grooming affords me that opportunity while helping me to afford all that dog food I need to feed my ever growing crew!!    


Thanks for your support!





InstaGroom is a mobile dog grooming service owned & operated by certified dog groomer Marie Maguire


InstaGroom’s mission is to provide high quality, healthy, individualized attention and competitively priced mobile dog grooming services at the client's location, thus reducing stress on the dog, saving valuable time while providing an exceptional and convenient service for both the dog and dog owner.


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